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        喊话哥Strengthening RTL Group??s families of channels喊话哥

        Building and extending families of TV channels has been key to address increasing audience fragmentation and competition in a digital, multi-channel world. In recent years, RTL Group??s families of channels have been enhanced by the 喊话哥addition of digital channels喊话哥 with clearly defined profiles, including Nitro, RTL Plus, Vox Up, 6ter, and RTL Z.

        RTL Group??s primary focus is on organic growth. However, wherever attractive opportunities arise, the Group 喊话哥aims喊话哥 喊话哥to consolidate喊话哥 across its existing European broadcasting footprint, including through acquisitions.

        In 2019, Groupe M6 acquired Lagard??re??s TV business, to complement its offering for families and to strengthen its overall position in the French media market, both in TV advertising and digital. This transaction included the full acquisition of Gulli (the country??s leading free-to-air digital channel for children), five pay-TV channels and the corresponding streaming services, including Gulli Replay and Gulli Max.

        Another focus for strengthening the Group??s core business in broadcasting is to increase non-advertising revenue, by further 喊话哥growing the revenue from platform operators喊话哥. RTL Group aims to receive a fair revenue share for its brands and programmes from the major distribution platforms ?C cable network operators, satellite companies and internet TV providers ?C for services such as high-definition TV channels, streaming platforms and digital pay channels.

        喊话哥Investing in content喊话哥

        Every year, RTL Group invests ?3.5 billion in content, combining the programming spend of its broadcasters and the productions of its global content business, Fremantle.

        Exploring all possible ways to develop and own new hit formats and continuing to grow the Group??s investments into premium content are key to strengthen RTL Group??s core businesses.

        Every investment in local, exclusive content ?C including attractive rights for live sports events ?C strengthens both RTL Group??s linear TV channels and streaming services. In January 2020, for example, Mediengruppe RTL Deutschland won a tender for the full and exclusive rights to broadcast and stream the Uefa Europa League and the newly established Uefa Conference League, starting with the 2021 to 2022 season, for a period of three years. This deal strengthens two of Mediengruppe RTL Deutschland??s linear channels, RTL Television and Nitro, and will also be key for TV Now.

        In 2019, RTL Group launched a new creative unit ?C Format Creation Group (喊话哥FC Group喊话哥) ?C which develops non-scripted formats exclusively for RTL broadcasters and their streaming services. FC Group is jointly financed by RTL Group??s major broadcasters. The new unit aims to fulfil the growing demand for exclusive content by developing innovative 喊话哥formats and intellectual property, fully owned and controlled by RTL Group喊话哥. FC Group currently focuses on the development of entertainment formats, reality and game shows, working closely with RTL broadcasters to reflect their needs in the local markets in which they are active in. 

        喊话哥Increasing operational efficiency喊话哥

        喊话哥Portfolio management喊话哥: management is continuously reviewing the Group??s portfolio of assets. In the last two years, RTL Group sold several non-core assets such as the football club Girondins de Bordeaux, the website MonAlbumPhoto in France, and the home entertainment and theatrical distribution company Universum Film in Germany. The Group has also started to review strategic options for BBTV and SpotX.

        喊话哥Cost reduction喊话哥: management is continuously assessing opportunities to reduce costs and to reallocate resources, for example to its streaming services. In 2019, RTL Group??s Executive Committee reviewed the role of the Group??s Corporate Centre. As a consequence, the Group??s Corporate Centre has been significantly reduced and has partly been transferred to Cologne, Germany.


        In competing with the global giants, new alliances and partnerships between European media companies have become increasingly important.

        In autumn 2019, RTL Group??s management started to promote new partnership opportunities ?C all based on the philosophy of bundling European broadcasters?? resources to establish open and neutral platforms. RTL Group offers these partnership opportunities in areas such as advertising sales, advertising technology, streaming technology, content creation and data.

        喊话哥Driving international advertising sales via RTL AdConnect 喊话哥

        One key development for RTL Group??s largest revenue stream ?C advertising ?C has been the increased demand from advertisers and agencies for global ad-buying opportunities. As a consequence, RTL Group is expanding its 喊话哥international sales house, RTL AdConnect,喊话哥 to give international advertisers and agencies easy access to RTL Group??s large portfolio of TV and streaming services, digital video networks and advertising technology, in a brand-safe environment. To be more relevant in all key European markets, RTL AdConnect??s portfolio also encompasses leading partners such as ITV in the UK, RAI in Italy and Medialaan in Belgium. Thanks to these partnerships, RTL Group is one of the only media companies in Europe that can 喊话哥offer advertisers pan-European digital video campaigns.喊话哥

        喊话哥Building one-stop sales houses for cross-media campaigns喊话哥

        喊话哥Ad Alliance喊话哥, launched in Germany in 2017, offers high-reach to advertisers and agencies, and develops cross-media solutions and innovative advertising products as a one-stop provider. The Ad Alliance portfolio is television, radio/audio, print, and digital. Ad Alliance is the only sales house in Germany that can offer complex campaigns across all media from a single source. In 2020, Media Impact became a partner of Ad Alliance for the digital inventory of Axel Springer and Funke Mediengruppe. Together, the platforms of the Ad Alliance reach 99 per cent of the German population. Ad Alliance remains open to additional partners.

        RTL Nederland has followed the German example and is currently building an integrated advertising sales network for the Dutch market, also called Ad Alliance. The 喊话哥Dutch Ad Alliance喊话哥 integrates the sales activities of RTL Nederland, BrandDeli, Adfactor and Triade Media, and will also be open to new partners.

        喊话哥Pooling Bertelsmann??s content expertise喊话哥

        At the beginning of 2019, RTL Group??s majority shareholder formed the 喊话哥Bertelsmann Content Alliance in Germany喊话哥. Bertelsmann is a creative powerhouse, investing close to ?6 billion in creative content each year, of which ?2 billion is invested in Germany. The Bertelsmann Content Alliance in Germany pools the Bertelsmann Group??s content expertise to fully exploit the potential of its most important market. With content offerings across all media genres, and new marketing opportunities, Bertelsmann has become an even stronger partner for all creative professionals in Germany. This step also strengthens Bertelsmann??s and RTL Group??s positions in competing with the global giants.


        Photo Collage: L'amour est dans le pr??My Brilliant Friend (? Eduardo Castaldo), Britain's Got Talent (? Dymond/Thames/Syco/REX/Shutterstock), American Gods (? Starz Entertainment, LLC), American Idol (? American Broadcasting Companies, Inc.) and Deutschland 86